Sunday, 10 July 2011

Catheter Play

     I must say this is one of my favourite things to do. It gives me so much power without inflicting pain, more of mental control than anything. It is not for the faint of heart, but those that partake in it say it gives them such a rush that they keep coming back for more.
     See the first thing I do is get you drink a few glasses of water, even some of my golden nectar, then we play with something else for a while and let the liquid produce the urge to pee. On to the medical table with you chappie. I clean around your penis with iodine, then insert a sterile 18 French Foley catheter all the way into the hole until it reaches your bladder, this will feel uncomfortable but it is only temporary,  I will know when the instrument reaches it's destination because pee will start to come out of the catheter end and empty into the collection bag.
      Now we can begin. You will experience the urge to urinate that will be uncontrolable, but wait, I have clamped off the end of the tube and you just can not go, no matter how much your brain is tellng you to do so, I have the control over you now, I am in your head, messing with your senses, playing with your subconscious, demanding that you hold off releiving yourself until I say you can. I will massage your bladder making you want to go even more, you feel light headed because the sensation is unbearable. At some point I will unclamp the tube and allow you to pee, the feeling is one of immense pleasure, more than anything else you have ever experienced. But this will not last long, on with the clamp again, your mind is confused, screaming to be let go, demanding that you be allowed to carry on with the pleasure, but remember your Goddess IS YOUR MIND, and she says no. I am having fun watching the torment in your eyes, you can not speak or plead through the gag in your mouth. Don't fear though, I am here, I am only having fun with you, you are mine to enjoy, I know when you require relief again, I can see it in your eyes. There it is again, that feeling of pleasure that has been described to me as better than the best sex you have ever had. This will carry on, ecstasy then agony, again and again until I have tired of this game. I will unclamp the catheter one last time and allow you to carry on peeing until the bladder is empty. Gag out, tube extracted, cleaned up. What shall we play next, I know, ever had foil rubbed against your fillings, that sounds like a lot of fun, well for me anyway.

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  1. Wonderful I would like to receive a catheter in me